Khushigt Valley Airport

Welcome to the unofficial site of Khushigt Valley Airport

This is a special project of the Government of Mongolia which should move the national civil aviation to the higher level. This airport is now at the process of construction. All the documentation including law and technical regulations was prepared by 2008, and in the same year the Government of Mongolia provided a loan, which allowed to start building in 2013. And they plan to launch Khushigt Valley Airport in 2016.

The new airport is situated in 50 km from the capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar. It will replace the current hub Chinggis Khaan, which was built there in 1956 in cooperation with the USSR. And its capacity does not meet modern traffic requirements. The new Khoshigt Valley Airport will be able to proceed 3 000 000 people per year. And it is projected so to have a potency and space to expand its capacity to 27 000 000 passengers per year.

Khushigt Valley Airport will have two runaways and two terminals, one of them is the railway terminal. The length of each runway is 3600 meters. And it means that the new hub can serve all types of aircrafts.

The location of Khushig Valley Airport is also much better that the one of Chinggis Khaan. The current airport has safety and usability issues, and it faces operation difficulties because of high mountains to the south, which cause flight delays because of the limited range of visibility and domestic heating smoke pollution in winter time and unidirectional landing due to the 2.5 percent slope of the runway. The new hub won’t have these shortcomings because its new placement is ideal.

Along with Khushigt Valley Airport itself they plan tp build a special airport city near the hub to de-centralize the capital. And the international passenger and cargo logistics center will complete the infrastructure. The Government of Mongolia hopes to unite Khushig Valley Airport and the new city in a free economic zone to attract local and international business to the region.

Khushigt Valley Airport